Saturday, August 1, 2009

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 5

Over all this episode was very good, since Bernkastel and Beatrice finally arrived!
At last, Bernkastel and Beatrice arrive! (woot I can screen shot now!)
The plot in the end of the first arc was just like Higurashi, but I wasn't expecting Maria to send the letter. But the contents of that letter were just the same as the first one in Higurashi. But in this episode, it will be very interesting. Okay, on to the episode..

It was weird how everyone kept on accepting Beatrice. Maybe they were afraid or someone brainwashed them.

Aha, the golden witch has finally arrived in the excited..anyways..I wonder how Battler will take this. So therefore he says that in order to make her disappear he will explain that everything, every crime was by a human. So Beatrice questions him about it and finally, says, "And what about those people's fates?"
And then a rather disturbing scene shows..I'm definitely not going to screen shot that. And so Battler needs to find a way..ending this scene therefore entering the arc with Bernkastel which is called, "The Witch's Tea Party." (as in the Visual Novel)

Woah. Intense moment there. O.O

WAHA! FREDRICA BERNKASTEL!! She's finally arrived!! Woot! She has the same voice as the older self as expected. Yay. The Witch's Tea party has begun!

Then Beatrice appears out of nowhere and they discuss about somethings, and about Lambda. I wonder when Lambda will show up.

I'm very impressed with the music and the lines in this scene. Most of the lines are exactly put in the Visual Novel, which is good-and I'm also impressed in how Bernkastel is drawn also.
Yay! We get to hear Fredrica's evil laugh..that was epic. I wonder who she was talking to though-I knew in the Visual Novel she was talking to whoever was playing but maybe she was talking to Battler.
Anyways, I'm happy with this episode since the 2 witches showed up. So this blog will end here..overall this episode (again) was good.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dense Anime Heroines

Okay, just for warning: I might be completely misunderstood by what I'm going to post here: put let me make this clear.


After all, they are one of the main characters. But right now I'm just going to have my opinion posted upon here. Basically this topic is about how frustratingly dense main characters of animes can actually be. (and I mean dense by knowing if guys like them or not)

Dense Girl Number 1:

Again, I do not hate her.
As expected, Hikari Hanazono will be on my list.
Reasons Why She Is Dense:
1. Kei shows his feelings for her in obvious ways-yet she has no clue that he has feelings for her.
2. Hikari may be smart in academics, but in love she is quite dense. (Example: (highlighted for spoiler if people haven't read the manga yet) when Kei confessed to her during the trip to Sakura's place, she asked him, "Are we dating as friends?" Ahaha. I find that very amusing-and at the same time frustrating. I mean, he has shown his love for her countless times, and even (highlighted for slight spoiler) KISSED her, and she still couldn't figure that out. I guess people make them do this on purpose so that the series will go longer. But then again, they shouldn't make her THIS dumb in love. It just seems really..gah. Again I love Hikari, its just that she's dense when it comes to Kei's feelings mostly >.> But really, if they are too dense to find out for a while until he confesses, the guy might be mad that she just figured out now. It's only natural.
Speaking of this subject, lets head on to dense girl number 2.

Dense Girl Number 2:

Sana Kurata.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely ADORE Sana. But there are lots of times she's dense.
1. Akito always did something for her, and helped her through her problems, yet she even told herself in shock that she found out that he had a crush on her. But THEN she was, "NO WAY!" And magically forgot about it the next day.
2. Akito even (highlighted for slight spoiler who haven't seen the anime)KISSED Sana THREE TIMES in the whole series, but yet, Sana STILL could not figure out that he loved her!
3. After all, when they confessed, Akito got mad (naturally) that she just figured that he loved her the day before, even though it had been going on for the longest time before. So yes, being dense in animes doesn't give the best result.

Sana is adorable and fun and funny, but sometimes it's sort of amusing but VERY VERY frustrating when it comes to Akito's feelings (spoiler: before they were seriously dating)

The next girl is not as dense as the others, but since I'm an Amuto fan she is going into the dense column for now:

Hinamori Amu.
First of all, Amu is a good character, she looks good with pink hair and she's a good herioine, but, what I don't like about her sometimes is that her denseness during the period when (highlighted for spoiler who hasn't seen episode 74 yet or read chapter 28) Ikuto was in her bed and confessed to her. That it's been SO SO frustrating to deal with. I mean, she didn't even believe him! Probably because she wasn't convinced by all that teasing, but she should have realized by the way Ikuto looked at her after she told him she didn't believe him. And that she doesn't realize that Ikuto is practically interested in her; which is obvious why he keeps on going to her balcony and teasing her a lot.
And now she finally realizes it-and then it's pretty much too late now (to her) (highlighted for spoiler if hadn't read chapter 42 of manga) since Ikuto says he's gonna leave. So what's Amu going to do? After all, she was too late in realizing her feelings (though I'm freaking happy about that but really she should've realized Ikuto loved her earlier)

I guess that's it, that's all I could remember for now.
Anyways, that's the end of the blog for now. Except one coming soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 1 Review

Yes, yes, I can't believe I haven't made a blog for so long. So before I go back to other episodes and things I forgot to blog on-Umineko came out! YAY! So, overall, this episode was pretty good-the plotline seems pretty interesting.

The Opening-Click Here
.............(currently speechless)
EPICNESS!! Amazing. Despite the creepiness-the opening is catchy and mysterious-which makes it awesome. Woot! As expected as the makers of Higurashi anime (I think.) But many characters in this anime remind me of the characters in Higurashi.
Ahem. I'm rambling. On to the episode.

"Beatrice!! Beatrice!!"
O.O I was half expecting to see a violent clip at the beginning-but here I get this old guy talking to a window. (sarcasm) "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH" (again I'm not saying I didn't listen to this..I forgot what he said) But yeah-it is kind of creepy. Yes yes, questions are being asked. "Who the eff is Beatrice?"

!!!! Keiichi! Oh, its my Keiichi!! (with different hair and different clothes) This guy's name escapes me. I think it was..Battler Uroshimiya? (Hopes spelled last name wrong) Anyways-Maria reminds me a mix of Hanyuu and cute Rika-but Hanyuu and Rika are WAY better than Maria! Maria seems sort of annoying..but I have a feeling that she knows more than the people older than her like Higurashi. But I'm just guessing. Because she was the one who was like muttering, "Sinister" with a crazy look on her face like Rena when she was talking about Oyashiro-sama. But really, this dude is real perverted-always talking about those girls chests.
And so her hair reminds m e of Rena...and her eyes.

Ok. Anyways, the first time I saw Jessica, the first thought, "MION WITH BLONDE HAIR!!" Yes, even her voice is like Mion and the way she treats Battler guy is like Keiichi. (Yes, Battler guy) Anyways, blah blah blah blah his family is real rich and all of that (not that I didn't listen..I don't want to explain it all on blog..)
Okay, the boy (or girl) no offense to that servant but I'm not sure if its a boy or girl-i'm writing this blog a while after I watched it but in some pictures I heard that he will have a cleaver like Rena. O.O Creepy but hey this is supposed to be like Higurashi except with a different plot.
AAAAH! The maid with black hair is RENA WITH BLACK HAIR! But a bigger chest than Jessica..surprisingly-anyways, the girl with brown hair and bangs with a flower in her hair reminds me of Takano. Even her voice is like Takano.
Ooh. Takano just owned some girl by calling her a ***** and yeah. Huh. I wonder what that eagle symbol is all about. Anyways, that big painting of Beatrice all of a sudden is sorta creepy..and sort of creepy how Maria knows so much about Beatrice.
Anyways, that guy sold his soul to Beatrice.
Wow. That was sort of stupid-doing that for money-apparently he didn't know the main cast would get -spoiler-. Too bad. But hey-without that there would be no plot.
Ah-those greedy people that only want money and to find the gold. Bah.
Now they are outside at the beach.

Okay-here's where the creepy part begins. When they read Beatrice's tablet or whatever.
Saying that thriteen people (guesses that it is the exact number of the people in the house) will die as sacrifices. And yet Maria looks so happy about it. Strange indeed. Yet that is overdoing it a little yet very creepy at the same time. And that the witch will be revived and no one will live in the house. Wow. Very dramatic. That gave me chills. EEEh. Creepy.

"WAAAH! The witch is awesome! She can do anything with her magic!"
Ha ha. Very funny Maria. Yes she can also make you die. So don't say that's she's awesome.
I think Maria is some how connected with Beatrice because she seems happy about it and she had this sinister smile at the opening(which was really creepy). Well I think that Maria knows a lot about it that it seems sort of mysterious. Like how Maria gave them the scorpions knowing that it'll protect them-she knows more things that they don't.

Anyways...oh her poor little rosie got lost! I'm wondering why she was so frantic about it, it's either that rose is real important or she just likes the rose.
Bah. It's getting annoying now..her crying is getting on my nerves.

WOAH. That was unexpected. Her mom is going crazy. (Excuse for the repeat of the picture, its the only pic i found of this scene..) But yeah- I think she did a little too much since she did a lot more slaps, but hey she DID get on my nerves. Very annoying.

Anyways-wow she met Beatrice! And got an umbrella? CLIFFHANGER!

And is the enidng part that sort of ruined the mood at the end.

The old man laughing at the window and the thunder going on didn't really scare me, but it did get sort of creepy at the end and more than half too much laughing that I was looking at the screen with this facial expression: O.O
Anyways-woot! Can't wait for the next episode! Overall this episode was good as expected as the makers of Higurashi (I think and yeah I know I repeated this sentence) Anyways, that's the end to my blog right now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Higashi No Eden and Pandora Hearts Review

ok guys, I'm terribly sorry for not updating a blog in a while. lol. anyways, I LOVE HIGASHI NO EDEN!! OMG! Oh yeah, and Takizawa is hot. and I don't really like Oshugi....he's jealous of Takizawa cuz he's always with the girl he likes.
But what I most like about it is:

-It's reality
-It's drama
-It's freaking awesome
-It's so interesting.
BUT IT'S SO AWESOME! It's pretty much the first anime I've seen with an English opening. Cool, huh. I LOVE the ending song! It's probably one of the best animes this year. Here's the summary:
On November 22, 2010 ten missiles strike Japan. However, this unprecedented terrorist act, later to be called as "Careless Monday," does not result in any apparent victims, and is soon forgotten by almost everyone. Then, 3 months later... Saki Morimi is a young woman currently in the United States of America on her graduation trip. But just when she is in front of the White House, Washington DC, she gets into trouble, and only the unexpected intervention of one of her fellow countrymen saves her. However, this man, who introduces himself as Akira Takizawa, is a complete mystery. He appears to have lost his memory. and he is stark naked, except for the gun he holds in one hand, and the mobile phone he's holding with the other hand. A phone that is charged with 8,200,000,000 yen in digital cash.


Sorry guys, i didn't add the episode review cuz i was so obsessed watching it
(conscience: more like lazy..)

So...but I'll try to post a blog on the upcoming episode! There are 9 episodes so far and I LOVE IT ALL.

I am just speechless at the amazing-ness (i don't care if it's not a word) of this anime. It's just..amazing. I can't describe it to the fullest because there are no words to describe it's awesomeness. It's not girly and it's just really, really good.


It's pretty addicting, too. I LOVE IT! It has an amazing plot, and it's just so thorough and interesting. The characters are awesome, and the action is so suspenseful. Every episode that I watch makes me wanna watch more. It's so good! I love it!
But, I DO NOT LIKE SHARON! Her character is just too com
mon that I don't like that. And she acts all innocent. I'm not even sure what side she is on!I mean, she is just TOO normal. and TOO perfect. I don't like characters like that.
But, my favorite character is Alice!
She is just AWESOME! She kicks butt and
she has an aw
esome character. Her character is very unique and the way she acts is very cute. I loved how she kissed him in the beginning for a contract. She's probably the prettiest and awesomest Chain out there. I can't find enough words to describe her awesomeness. :D

Gilbert: Hot. LOL. I love his protective character and how he befriends Oz. I think he can be a true friend to people that he really cares about. And his little arguments with Alice are pretty funny. I wonder if he'll ever like her..(but I'm sort of leaning towards Alice X Oz. lol.)

So anyways, here is the summary:

Oz Bezarius, heir to one of the duke houses, has just turned fifteen. His life is rich and carefree, darkened only by the constant absence of his father. At his coming-of-age ceremony, however, everything changes. For no reason that he can discern, he's cast into the prison known as the "Abyss", only to be saved by a "chain" known as Alice, the bloodstained black rabbit. It is unknown why was he cast into Abyss, how does Alice factor into it all, and what does the organization known as "Pandora" want with him.


So anyways, that's it for today. :D Expect more coming soon!

Ikuto: See ya next time. (winks)
Fangirls: (faint and sigh)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Higurashi Rei Episode 3

OH YEAH! HIGURASHI REI EPISODE THREE! I'M SO FRIGGIN EXCITED! There won't be any screenshots BY ME sadly because I don't have that program to screenshot it T^T but i'll post pictures here and what i'm reacting on the episode while i'm watching!AAAAAH!!! KAWAII-DESU! It's my kawaii Rika-chama-nano desu! HAUUU!!!! OMOCHIKARI!!

Ahem. On to the episode.

Ah poor Rika-chama! It seems like she's all lost and confused in that world. Hm. I wonder what got her into that world anyway. I can't wait to find out. :O. It's such a mystery. How thrilling!!!!

AH Rika, that's what you get for trusting too much on ur immortality!! now you've died again and now your in this mess! But I still think your kawaii, Rika-chan. And...ew. They didn't really need to show Rika like that from the car crash...OH WELL. That's Higurashi for ya anyways.

WTF Satoko. Why are you bullying Rika that way? Your so mean now. >:(

Poor Rika. She needs to find that fragment. And it might be inside a person. So that means she has to destroy that person? WTF. THAT'S MESSED UP. Oh well, it keeps you in suspense. And yay, I hear Yui Horie's voice! YAY! Hanyuu-chan, I've been wanting to see if your still in this arc!!!

Ah, Rika-chama is thinking it's her mother that has the fragment. Maybe she does, maybe she doesnt. ;)

OH YEAH! SATOKO GOT OWNED! DON'T MESS WITH THE RIKA-CHAMA! RIKA-CHAMA CAN GO IN FREDRICA MODES TOO! Oh man, the Chair Throw! OH man and then the Chair Slam! Wow Rika, have you been watching wrestling O.o. LOL hahah. You are awesum Satoko, but you did kind of deserver getting hit by Rika. Sorry. And Rika in Fredrica mode or with that mature voice is WICKEDLY AWESOME. She's just like one of the best characters ever.

(Sadly I don't have a screen shot of Rika's wickedly awesome scary here's a random picture of Hanyuu angry)

^Hanyuu mad is just..she's just totally awesome. She's so cool here! AND AWESOME!

Oh wow, she's telling the doctor now. And he believes her? Surprised; in the other worlds no one believed her. LOL jk. Wow, yay he's helping her! But then, does she really want to go back that badly? Cuz, i think that world is the 'perfect' world or something. It's my theory, but I think that (in very light color because possible spoilier) At the last episode were Fredrica makess Takano not lose her parents, doesn't that mean that Takano becomin evil and such never happened? Mayb e she created a nother world or something. I don't know, tat's what I think.

But I'm not sure, it's just a theory that could be very possible. Okay, now, on to the next one.

Aw, the club members are helpin and trying to negotiate! WTF Rika..that's not Rika, telling others what to do. Oh well, at least Satoshi-kun is there! (randomness)

Ok, since that's settled, more of the fragment searching again. D
ang, that docter is mean.. LOL ROFL. Yes he is mean for spreading words.. T^T lol! And..OMG OMG OMG OMG!! OMG OMG OMG OMFG!! (highlighted again cuz spoiler)H-her mom is actually the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama?! WHAT?! OMG WHAT A DISCOVERY! (overeacting but doesn't care; really surprised) And WHAT?! omg. (highlighted, spoiler) The fragment is inside her mom! Th-that means that she has to destroy her mom? NO THAT CAN'T BE! NO!...

(sighs) Now it's on to the cliff hanger and the cliff hanging preview. OMG kawaii! Keiichi when he's young. I wonder who had that flashback and why. And.. HANYUU!! KAWAII! But why is she vibrating and looks so..serious? and NOO Rika-chama crying!! What happened? And omg! Her mom! Is she sleeping? Or is she..? And what are those green fireflies (or whatever they are!)

Anyways, I enjoyed this episode lots! It was so good! Especially when Rika get's mad at Satoko and owns her! THAT WAS SO AWESOME OF OUR RIKA-CHAMA! As expected of her! I can't wait for the next one!

Shugo Chara Review

First off, this anime is awesome. I love it lots, but the only thing this anime i don't like is the insane filler attacks. (A.K.A. fillers that don't make sense and completely waste your time) i love the plotline in the manga, but it's just that


Ok, Satelight, here features our special guest, Sonozaki Shion, from Higurashi. Rant away, Shion. (look at the pic. LOOK AT IT. You don't like her when she's angry! SO YEAH SATELIGHT, see how you've made ppl mad and lose fans of Shugo Chara)


Konnichiwa. My name is Sonozaki Shion. Nice to
meet you, Satelight. First off, I'd like to expess my anger for you RUINING the precense of SHUGO CHARA. YES, THE SHUGO CHARA! I WOULD RATHER REPLACE YOU WITH ANOTHER COMPANY TO DO THIS BEFORE I GET MY TAZER! Yes, that's right, TAZER. Or do we have to move this on to the fun fun underground torture chamber? SO YOU GUYS ARE LIARS! LIARS! LIAR! LIARS! YOU SAID YOU WOULD MAKE THIS ANIME RIGHT?!?! SO LIAR! LIAR! YOU MADE IT BAD WITH FILLERS! USODA! USODA! (means liar) LIAR!!!!!

(shoos shion back)

O.o s-sorry about that. Shion has her tempers. But I have to agree with her. SO YOU DON'T WANT TO GET HER MAD SATELIGHT. like us. So stop putting these STUPID STUPID FILLERS. SO DANG THOSE FILLERS.

Okay, done with the ranting. Now let's talk about the good points. :)
This anime has equal points with romance and magic
al girl. Haha, my type. This anime was AMAZING. Literally. I love the manga the most, of course. The only problem is Satelight and fillers. Apparently they LOVE to torture us Shugo Chara fans with waiting and waiting and WAITING. Okay, so. I really reccomend it though. Though I'd rather have you guys read the manga first, but it's your choice. Okay, anyways, here are the basic 4 good points.
1. The storyline is awesome and amazing, it makes you think "who ever thought of this? cuz it's brilliant!)
2. The guys are hot.
3. The attacks are cool.

4. You get moe overload. Lol.

Season One and Season 2 Review

Shugo Chara Season 1: This is the season that I pretty much enjoyed the most. Almost every episode has a good point and only has a few fillers between each episode. It goes back to the real storyline at the appropiate times. Also, the drawings were pretty good, but not as good as the second season. But this season was WAAAAAAY better than the fillers of the 2nd season. Not that the second season was bad, but i'm just saying how they put fillers in now.
Shugo Chara Season 2: Omg, this season was really good, and the drawings were better, BUT THIS IS THE SEASON WHERE I JUST CA'NT STAND THE FILLERS ANYMORE. THIS IS WERE SATELIGHT MESSES UP. There had to be like FRIGGIN 20 EPISODES BETWEEN IKUTO IN HER BED?!?! THAT'S MESSED UP! And they even created a filler character??!!? WTF is that?!?! Lulu de Morcief or whatever her name is. STUPID LULU AND HER STUPID ? EGGS! Seriously, why did they make this?

Oh, I know!
MONEY! They make the serious longer so they can have MONEY! We Shugo Chara fans are pissed off because of that! And because of those fillers, Shugo Chara is losing fans that haven't read the manga. So sad. So, very, very, sad. But I'm happy with some episodes, like episode 74 and whenever ikuto comes in and it's not a filler. I love Shugo Chara, trust me, but I just hate it when they put the fillers in. It has no meaning.

I love the moment in here in the second season . AMUTO 4 EVER.

Manga Review:

I LOVE IT. ITS SO AWESOME. It's like one of the best mangas I HAVE EVER READ. No fillers, no interruptions, everything keeps you hooked! The storyline is more explained and there are BETTER romance and Amuto parts. And of course, they look better. I love the manga and Peach Pit. Screw Satelight.

My favorite couple in Shugo Chara (w
arning Tadamu fans, please don't get mad at me for this and you may skip this if you'd like.)

I think that's real obvious looking at t
hat picture. Anyways, I ABSOLUTELY adore Amuto!

1. Ikuto loves her for herself, all selves, and loves her for her.
2. Ikuto needs some love.
3. Ikuto is actually brave enough
to actually flirt with her or tease her.
4. There are more Amuto moments than Tadamu moments.
5. Amuto moments are more "yaa
aaah!" and more effective than Tadamu.
6. Amu and Tadase don't have a powerful love thing to me.
7. Ikuto and Amu have a good relationship.

(some reasons by animehalf)

how sexy he is ;) hahaha. So there you have it, my rant and opinion about Shugo Chara! Hope you enjoyed, and I'll post a blog soon. I'll end this with a pretty Amu pic from the manga :)

Note before Blogging

Okay, first of all, I'm really excited about making a blog :D!!! It seems really fun. Lol, anyways, I'd like to explain things before i blog about stuff you don't know. Some of the blogs will be about my fanfictions, like the ones on my blog list at the side. Please read them if you'd like. Okay, anyways, I will be blogging a lot. (hopefully) So, stay tuned! Have a good day!