Saturday, August 1, 2009

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Episode 5

Over all this episode was very good, since Bernkastel and Beatrice finally arrived!
At last, Bernkastel and Beatrice arrive! (woot I can screen shot now!)
The plot in the end of the first arc was just like Higurashi, but I wasn't expecting Maria to send the letter. But the contents of that letter were just the same as the first one in Higurashi. But in this episode, it will be very interesting. Okay, on to the episode..

It was weird how everyone kept on accepting Beatrice. Maybe they were afraid or someone brainwashed them.

Aha, the golden witch has finally arrived in the excited..anyways..I wonder how Battler will take this. So therefore he says that in order to make her disappear he will explain that everything, every crime was by a human. So Beatrice questions him about it and finally, says, "And what about those people's fates?"
And then a rather disturbing scene shows..I'm definitely not going to screen shot that. And so Battler needs to find a way..ending this scene therefore entering the arc with Bernkastel which is called, "The Witch's Tea Party." (as in the Visual Novel)

Woah. Intense moment there. O.O

WAHA! FREDRICA BERNKASTEL!! She's finally arrived!! Woot! She has the same voice as the older self as expected. Yay. The Witch's Tea party has begun!

Then Beatrice appears out of nowhere and they discuss about somethings, and about Lambda. I wonder when Lambda will show up.

I'm very impressed with the music and the lines in this scene. Most of the lines are exactly put in the Visual Novel, which is good-and I'm also impressed in how Bernkastel is drawn also.
Yay! We get to hear Fredrica's evil laugh..that was epic. I wonder who she was talking to though-I knew in the Visual Novel she was talking to whoever was playing but maybe she was talking to Battler.
Anyways, I'm happy with this episode since the 2 witches showed up. So this blog will end here..overall this episode (again) was good.


    Most were looking forward to Beatrice, but Bernkastel is pure epic win!! xDD
    This might sound weird, since she's not really the Nipah Reverse Kuudere anymore, but yeah!! She's so cute for a witch!! <3 (That's saying a lot- I'm not trying to insult her.)
    And she's awesome!!! *continues to fangirl for X Hours*

    Anyway, the anime is about right where I'm at in the visual novel. (Reading would go faster if I just went on YouTube and just looked at the English translations...)

    I lol'd @ "I'm not going to screenshot that."
    Don't worry- I wouldn't either. Dx